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SID is a dynamically evolving company. Our field of production are : agricultural, forestry, construction, municipal machinery and equipment same we are working and manufacturing the sheet metal machinery. Our team working hardly to improve amount of available models  creating and project new .


SID machinery and equipment.

We are providing more  when 300 various models and types of machines and equipment over the Europe.

Offering machine and equipment made from high quality materials , performed on the most innovative technology providing a guarantee .

Our machines are characterized by modern solutions that facilitate work.

Paints and coatings work creating a thin film on the surface what had a direct impact on increasing stronger and more durable condition which protects against excessive and too rapid wear of the machines.


SID –  supplies products to the entire European Union and beyond.

The important part of our collaboration with clients its their gratification. We treat each client individually, trying our best to meet his requirements and individual expectations


Our goal is to provide products that meet the highest quality standards.


Our experience and a profusion training provide options of professional advice when purchasing the products ,this affirm us receive trust and a good reputation.


Our machines are already recognized in many European countries : Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden.

SID Company policy it’s constantly pay attention on :

  • Professional and comprehensive service customers.
  • Improving the qualifications and training of employee.
  • Introducing innovative production with best solutions.
  • Computerization processes and  data in company in short times.