Cambridge roller


Cambridge roller


The Cambridge roller is perfect for compacting the topsoil immediately after plowing, before sowing or after sowing. The Cambridge roller can also be successfully used for post-harvest cultivation in order to accelerate the process of rotting straw and post-harvest residues.


Rolling is a very important agrotechnical operation significantly affecting the quality of crops and subsequent harvest.


Direct benefits of using Cambridge Rollers:

  • Leveling the field and breaking the solids.
  • Improving the contact of seeds with soil, which contributes to an even increase in yields.
  • Retention of soil moisture.
  • Reduction of soil erosion.
  • Improving the soil structure.


Characteristics of shafts :

  • Rollers have sides to be worked on – they do not dig ditches at headlands and do not tear up turf on soft soils.
  • Lifting on two cylinders.
  • Cage-shaped frame – thanks to which you can achieve greater overloads and be sure that the frame will not break.
  • Lighting.
  • Hydraulic valve.



  • Working wall thickness – 13 mm.
  • Adjustable roller scrapers.
  • Axis made through the entire shaft.
  • Lifting the shaft on two hydraulic cylinders.
  • Protection for lowering the hydraulic shaft.
  • Full lighting with flash light.


Technical data of the Cambridge roller: 


Working widthDiameterWeight
3000 mm500 mm1300 kg
4000 mm500 mm1700 kg
5000 mm500 mm1950 kg
6000 mm500 mm2400 kg


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