Catch crop spreader

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Catch crop spreader


Catch crop spreader will be perfect for sowing fertilizers, thanks to which the soil receives additional organic substances, which feed the soil in the form of humus. The catch crops can be sown in various configurations, including stubble cultivation, winter catch crops or under sown crop.


Aftercrop seeder consists of a frame, hopper, dosing unit, and sowing disc. The sowing width is smoothly regulated by changing the rotational speed of the sowing plate powered by an electric motor. The adjustment is made from the control panel and can be freely adjusted during operation. The uniformity of sowing is achieved by appropriate setting of the sowing disc blades. The seed drill is powered by a 12V installation and can be mounted at the rear and front of the tractor or built on cultivators


Description of catch crop spreader:

  • Plate – 2 metal spatula.
  • Tank – made of impact-resistant and weather-resistant plastic.
  • Dump – 10-step, smooth regulation.
  • Control by remote control.
  • Electric motor with a power of 150 HP.


Technical data of the catch crop spreader:

Working widthVolumeWeight
2 m – 15 m110 L33 kg

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