Dosing bucket with conveyor belt

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Dosing bucket with conveyor belt


Dosing bucket with conveyor belt – its the dosing spoon with tape that is ideal, in particular, in cattle and poultry farming, as well as in gardening.


The dosing bucket with the tape (belt spreader) is equipped with two rollers inside the container, which dispense the material very well on the discharge belt. A well-designed structure in terms of strength and weight of the device ensures long-term use. Chopped straw, sawdust or other light materials can be used for bedding cattle and poultry.

The dosing bucket with the belt can also handle loose feed, but also maize silage.

The belt paver can also be used in gardening for bedding with sawdust, wood chips, and for spreading compost. The container has a specially designed shape, thanks to which the material collected and dispensed does not hang.



  •  reinforced steel construction, the bucket is strong and light.
  • Easy and safe operation.
  • Versatility: designed for dry forage, maize and cut grass.
  • Fast and precise mixing and discharging.


  • The device has the construction of a bucket with a 4 mm or 5 mm sheathing, in which the front part is finished with a HB 400 blade 110×12 mm, made of hardox wear steel, advanced forward for better and more complete filling.
  • The possibility of adjusting the speed of the dosing belt, which allows us to feed not only loose feed, but also maize silage.
    Inside, there are two 250 mm rolls with spikes for mixing and dosing the material.
  • At the bottom of the bucket there is a belt dispenser with drivers for better litter discharge and even spreading on the ground.
  • An additional roller installed at the bottom of the bucket makes it easier to fill with smaller machines.
  • The whole is hydraulically driven from one section, the demand min 30L / min, max 70l / min.
  • The screw-on attachment ensures quick replacement without cutting or welding.
  • 330 bar cables as standard.
  • It is possible to produce a belt spreader with dimensions according to customer needs.
  • Any mounting according to customer specifications.
  • Warranty 12 months.


Dosing bucket with conveyor belt in standard version:


1,20 m1,30 m3470 kg
1,55 m1,70 m3500 kg
1,80 m2,00 m3550 kg


Dosing bucket with conveyor belt  for mini loaders:

1,20 m1,00 m3430 kg
1,551,40 m3500 kg


Dosing bucket with conveyor belt  volumetric version:

1,80 m2,60 m3730 kg


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