Loader Everun ER06


Loader Everun ER06


The Everun ER06 loader with an articulated steering system, has a solid chassis structure, which makes the Everun loaders move without problems in confined areas and is one of the most agile articulated loaders in its class.


The Everun ER06 wheel loader is the smallest of the available models in the Everun product range. It is very stable, easy to drive and agile, and has a control system that is very simple and effective. Its small size allows it to work in places that are inaccessible and too narrow for other, larger models. Everun loaders are very versatile machines for almost any job. Additional functions that can be used in these machines increase the operator’s comfort. Our loaders are used in earthworks, loading and unloading pallets as well as municipal works. In addition, larger models are often irreplaceable in places such as a gravel pit, a coal depot, a mine or a construction depot.


Technical parameters of the ER06 loader:

Model / number of cylinders:KD388 / 3 / Diesel
Power (KW / KM):19,6 / 25
Liquid-cooled engine:Yes
Nominal rotations2200 r/p (rpm)
The arctic systemYes
Everun ER06 Drive and Control 
Drive:Mechanical on 4 wheels
Drive transfer:Mechanical on both bridges
Speed max.12 km/h
Power steering systemStandard
Articulated systemStandard
Hydraulic and parking brakeStandard
Working and hydraulic system 
Lifting height to pins (MM):2670 / 2800
Max. hydraulic lifting capacity (KG):1100
Max. loading weight (KG):800
Leveling the bucketStandard
Additional working hydraulics at the output of 36L / minStandard
Control of additional tools from the cabStandard
Dimensions and Weights 
Total length – without a bucket (MM):3690
Overall width (narrow wheels / wide wheels) (MM):690 / 1050
Total height without cabin – ROPS frame (MM):2300
Total machine weight Everun ER06 (KG):1470
Tire size27*8,5-1,5T


Accessories for Everun ER06 loaders – option:

  • Standard Bucket With Teeth – Basic Equipment With Loader
  • Buckets high discharge – enables unloading above standard heights
  • 4-in-1 multifunctional bucket 
  • Buckets for bulk materials
  • Crocodile buckets
  • Openwork stone bucket
  • Hydr crocodile
  • Auger feeder
  • Pallet forks
  • Straw log fork
  • Sweeper with a hopper
  • Bale grapple (straw and hay)
  • Hydraulic tree grapple
  • Silage cutter
  • Feeder
  • Big-bag handle
  • Snow plow
  • Plow to the ground

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