Meadow roller with road wheels with two actuators


Meadow roller with road wheels with two actuators


Meadow roller with road wheels with two actuators is designed to work in the care of meadows and pastures, golf courses, in the establishment and production of lawns.

Meadow roller with road wheels with two cylinders is especially useful in cohesive soils, it perfectly crumbles fallen furrows and clods, and at the same time compacts and levels the top layer of soil

During rolling, the top layer of soil is pressed down and water soaking increases, the development of useful soil microflora and decomposition of organic matter are accelerated.

Characteristics :

  • Rollers have sides to be worked on – they do not dig ditches at headlands and do not tear up turf on soft soils.
  • Water partitions – ensure that with a smaller amount of liquid, it does not jerk sideways and there is no tendency for the shaft to tip over on road bends. It does not jerk during work and transport
  • Lifting with two cylinders c.
  • Cage-shaped frame – thanks to which you can achieve greater overloads and be sure that the frame will not break.
  • Shaft splitting into three parts – works well with wider shafts so that it is easier to turn and turn at headlands, the shafts additionally have water baffles inside each part.
  • Thanks to the use of road wheels, the roller can be easily transported on public roads.
  • Lighting.
  • Hydraulic valve.



  • Working wall thickness – 13 mm.
  • Adjustable roller scrapers.
  • One-piece shaft
  • Straight drawbar with a support foot.
  • Axis made through the entire shaft.
  • The possibility of driving the shaft after flooding with liquid up to 40 km / h.
  • Shaft weight adjustment with liquid 1 drain plug on the side walls
  • Full lighting with flash light.
  • Air or hydraulic brake as standard.
  • Split shaft – set individually.
  • Lifting the shaft on one hydraulic cylinder.
  • Wheels 11.5 / 80 / 15.5


Additional equipment:

  • Rear drag.
  • Front drag on one cylinder.
  • Front drag with a conditioner with two cylinders.
  • Mountain brake.
  • LED lights.


Technical data of the Meadow roller with road wheels with two actuators:

Roller widthDiameterSection countWeight
2500 mm1000 mm5 pc.1900 kg
2500 mm1200 mm5 pc.2200 kg
2700 mm1000 mm5 pc.2200 kg
2700 mm1200 mm5 pc.2500 kg
2700 mm1400 mm5 pc.3300 kg
2700 mm1600 mm6 pc.4200 kg
2700 mm1800 mm7 pc.5000 kg
3000 mm1000 mm5 pc.2500 kg
3000 mm1200 mm5 pc.2800 kg
3000 mm1400 mm5 pc.3600 kg 
3000 mm1600 mm6 pc.4500 kg
3000 mm1800 mm7 pc.5300 kg


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