Municipal road sand/salt spreader

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Municipal road sand/salt spreader

The municipal road sand/salt spreader (municipal) is a machine for winter maintenance of roads of all categories and is adapted for precise spreading of coarsening agents in the form of a sand and salt mixture, sand with other agents for melting snow and ice, and sand by itself.


The road sand/salt spreader is built out of a steel frame, which is adapted for hitching to a three-point hitch. A plastic tank is fastened on the frame, which is very resistant to weather and damage. Dosing takes place via the spreading adjustment system from a moving sluice, lever and tension member. The disc has 6 blades, which improves the machine’s output. The bottom of the tank is a moving steel plate equipped with scrapers. The municipal sand spreader has a vibrating floor, to which the machine owes its maintenance-free operation and uniform spreading of material. The spreader is equipped with road lights and transport wheels.


Municipal road sand /salt spreader – description:

  • Caisson – protects against jamming and suspension of the fertilizers in the tank. Its bell shape prevents compression of the material being spread immediately above the vibrating floor, enabling fluid operation.
  • Vibrating floor – breaks up clodes of the spread material, fluidly feeding it through a moving throat to the turbine.
  • Range – 12 m.
  • Guard – 3-zone spreading adjustment (right side, rear, left side), rear screen plated with galvanized sheet on the interior.
  • Ladder – joined to the vibrating floor, prevents suspension of the spread material on the tank’s walls.
  • Tank – made of impact-resistant plastic, thanks to which the road spreader will never rust.
  • Sieve – preliminarily sifts the material and prevents penetration of clodes, which prevents jamming of the sand spreader.
  • Maintenance-free transmission.
  • 15-level dumping, fluid regulation.
  • Capacity from 540 kg (380 l) to 1200 kg (850 l)
  • Power demand from 30 HP to 45 HP
  • Weight from 130 kg to 180 kg
  • Attestations – “CE” and “B” from IBMER Institute in Warsaw.

Municipal road sand /salt spreader  – additional options:

  • Hydraulic opening/closing.
  • Hydraulic drive.
  • Tank for defrosting and activation fluid.


VolumePower requirementWeight
380 l / 550 kg30 KM146 kg
850 l / 1200 kg45 KM196 kg


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