Sprayer Boguslav Odyssey


Sprayer Boguslav Odyssey

 The sprayer  Boguslav Odyssey is designed and constructed based on the latest agricultural technology. Its basic version: it consists of a spray liquid tank, a pump, a set of nozzles.Works well on any farm area.The most demanding customers will be satisfied with the range that meets their needs.



Odyssey sprayer – is used to: spray plants with herbicides, fight insects, parasites and fungi, and protect against various types of pathogens.
The sprayer is also used to fertilize crops with liquid fertilizers, the advantage of which is much better absorption, which means that fertilizers of this type are used more and more often.
The sprayer is also used for the application of other agrochemicals, such as plant growth promoting agents or adjuvants – preparations that improve absorption, e.g. fertilizers.
The design of the Odyssey sprayer allows you to adjust the height of the hydraulic boom (range 0.7-1.85 m) directly while the device is moving, the possibility of smooth adjustment of the width of the sprayer’s path in the range from 1.4 m to 2.1 m.
It also has vibration damping mechanisms and protection against deviations during movement and hitting an obstacle with which the boom of the device is equipped.



Standard equipment :


  • Tank capacity of 2000 l or 2500 l.
  • Working width 18 m or 22 m.
  • Horizontal stabilization (springs + shock absorbers).
  • 145 l / min or 160 l / min pump (Annovi Reverberi).
  • Ejector agitator.
  • Hydraulically foldable.
  • Attachments (Arag).
  • Tubes from the public side.
  • 1 position nozzle head (Arag).
  • ST nozzle (Lechler).
  • 9.5R42 or 9.5R32 wheels.
  • PTO shaft (Weasler).
  • Wheel width adjustable from 1,400 mm to 2,100 mm.
  • Ground clearance 550 mm.
  • Working height from 700 mm to 1850 mm.
  • At least 5 years


Additional options – Odyssey sprayer:

  • Electronic adjustment by means of a Bravo 180S computer (3, 5, 7 sections).
  • Assessment by means of a Bravo 400S LT + GPS computer (7 sections, automatic section on / off control).
  • Electronic adjustment by means of a computer Bravo 400S + GPS + SELETRON (automatic control of each nozzle on / off).
    ISOBUS control system.
  • Side induction bowl (Polmac) 35, 42 or 50l.
  • Pumps (Annovi Reverberi).
  • 11.2 R42 tires.
  • 3-position rotating nozzle head.
  • ST, ID, IDK, FL nozzles.
  • Hose distributors for RSM.
  • Only filling emptied (by own pump).
  • Filling the sprayer through the quick couplers (via the external combustion engine of the power).
  • Washing the guide and sprinkler system with a 170 liter water tank.
  • Field beam illumination with 4 LED lamps or under each nozzle.
  • Sprayer control panel.
  • Mechanically adjustable support foot.


The durability and reliability of the sprayer Odyssey is ensured by the technologies used in production, as well as high-quality components of American and European production. The metal parts of the hydraulic boom and the sprayer frame are first sandblasted and then powder coated with a polymer. This makes them resistant to corrosion.


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