Reinforced high dump bucket

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Reinforced high dump bucket

The High Dump Bucket Heavy Duty is ideal for loading bulky materials and working at high altitudes.


The high-tipping bucket is strengthened with the right choice to achieve the maximum height when loading high trailers and tanks of various types of loose materials such as soil, stones, agricultural crops, fertilizers and wood chips. High-tipping bucket with solid workmanship guarantees safe work. The bucket’s structure is made of S355 high-resistance steel.



  • Sheathing 4 mm.
  • Reinforcements
  • Blade size 15 × 150 Hardox 500.
  • Movable places lubricated on replaceable slide bushings.
  • Bolt-on attachment for quick replacement without cutting and welding, or welded.
  • 330 bar cables as standard.
  • The standard is euro mount, each other on request, according to customer needs.
  • A large selection of mounts for loaders and loaders.
  • Warranty 12 months.

Specifications of Reinforced high dump buckets:


0,70 m³2000 mm848 mm743 mm410 kg
1,00 m³1600 mm1150 mm1000 mm408 kg
1,00 m³2200 mm988 mm862 mm465 kg
1,20 m³1400 mm1300 mm1154 mm410 kg
1,25 m³2000 mm1302 mm1017mm483 kg
1,50 m³2300mm1143 mm1017 mm510 kg
1,50 m³1500 mm1603 mm1291 mm463 kg


The reinforced high dump bucket is  with sandblasting and powder coating. This is by far the most effective of the modern metal coating methods used today. Contrary to traditional (liquid) varnishes, powder paints guarantee smooth coatings, without cracks, stains, bubbles and wrinkles. They are used for protective, anti-corrosion and decorative painting of metal objects. The thermal resistance of the coating is approx. 100 ° C. The coatings are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to chemical agents. A special advantage of powder paints is their versatility (thanks to the possibility of obtaining coatings with various degrees of gloss in a wide range of textures and structures, in full RAL colors).

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