Slurry tanker MPR-20000L


Slurry tanker MPR-20000L

Slurry tanker MPR-20000L it is an agricultural machine used for automatic collection, transport and spreading of liquid manure and slurry onto farm fields and pastures in order to fertilize them. The 20,000 L tanker by Marco-Polo is made in Poland.

Marco-Polo offers tanks made of 6 mm thick steel.
The MPR-20000L slurry tanker, ie a water tanker, has a tank covered and protected inside and outside with zinc, ensuring maximum durability as well as resistance to highly corrosive substances. In order to reduce the effects of liquid undulations during transport, baffles preventing liquid ripples (breakwaters) were used. Their number – 1,2 or 3 compartments depends on the capacity of the tank. For users interested in a chassis with large diameter wheels, the Marco-Polo offers a wheel cut-out tanker. Despite their use, the total nominal capacity of the tank has been maintained.

The 20000 L slurry tanker can be fitted with a pumping arm and can be developed in the future: pumping, pouring or mixing. Due to the wide range of capacities, slurry tankers are available in one, two and three axle versions.

Technical specification – MPR-20000L slurry tanker:

  • The construction of the car – Framed.
  • Chassis – Two-axle or three-axle wheelset, sprung axles, rear axle or two steering axles.
  • Hitching up with the tractor – Lower transport hitch at a height of 400 mm.
  • Tractor power required – 160 kw.
  • PTO revolutions – 450 rpm.
  • Tires – 500/60 – 22.5.
  • Vacuum Pump – B&P MEC / M 13500.
  • Pressure tank – MPR-20000L slurry tanker tank capacity 20 320 L 6 mm wall, on both sides, passivized cover, two reinforcing rings.
  • Double weld inside and outside, 210mm diameter top manhole.
  • Tank diameter – 2100 mm.
  • Bottoms – rear bottom opened on a hinge
  • Anti-overflow partitions – three partitions
  • Filling indicator – two 4 ‘glass sight glasses on the front cover and a tube indicator.
  • Nipples and gate valves – Two 6 “discharge nozzles on the rear bottom: discharge with a hydraulic gate valve and intake pipe with a manual gate valve and quick coupler, one 6” side intake pipe stub with a manual gate valve. One 6 “side connector blanked off.
  • Connection accessories – Italian connection system (Berselli), 6 “suction hose 6 m long with a basket. Perrot 6” distributor with a plate, 14 m spreading width.
  • Safety features – The water tanker has two overflow valves, a two-ball cut-off valve and a siphon valve with a sight glass and a drain valve.
  • Safety valves – over pressure 0.5 bar, vacuum -0.8 bar.
  • Other equipment – muffler – oil recuperator, side ladder, painted fenders, handbrake, D100 pressure gauge, adjustable mechanical support foot, screwed drawbar eye D-50C with approval. Basic pneumatic brake: single conduit system, 12 v electric system and lighting required by road traffic regulations. Hydraulic system opening of the pouring gate valve, nameplate, pictograms, EC / Z declaration of conformity, CE certificate.


All the equipment and accessories that the barrel can be equipped with can be found at the link <click here>

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